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breast milk helps brain development

A component in human breast milk helps brain development in babies

A recent study evaluated whether human breast milk helps brain development in babies. Many factors can influence a...
antibacterial properties of breast milk

Component that contributes to the antibacterial properties of breast milk identified

Researchers have taken a closer look at the antibacterial properties of breast milk to find out what makes it so good for fighting infectious...
goat milk formula

Can goat milk formula provide a healthy alternative to breast milk?

Researchers investigated whether goat milk formula provided any of the same anti-infection protections as breast milk. Breastfeeding is considered the best form of nutrition for...
probiotics during pregnancy

How do probiotics during pregnancy affect breast milk and allergies in children?

In a recent study published in JAMA Pediatrics, researchers reviewed the effects of taking probiotics during pregnancy on breast milk sugars and levels. Human milk...
marijuana in breast milk

How long does marijuana stay in breast milk after use?

In a recent study in San Diego, USA, researchers examined marijuana in breast milk of nursing mothers to measure the amount of cannabinoids in...
breast milk composition

Can bariatric surgery affect breast milk composition?

In a recent study in Belgium, researchers examined the breast milk composition of females who had undergone bariatric surgery and the effect of maternal...
lithium carbonate

Lithium carbonate in new mothers makes breast milk toxic for infants, study finds

A study in The Lancet Psychiatry determined whether women on lithium carbonate for mental illnesses after giving birth is harmful to their newborns. Breastfeeding is...
breast milk

Breast Milk or Formula: Which Allows for Better Lutein Absorption?

A recent commentary in The Journal of Nutrition discusses how breast milk enhances the absorption of lutein in the infant's brain when compared to...

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