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Lifespan vs Healthspan vs Genetics

We are all familiar with the term lifespan. However, someone with a long lifespan does not necessarily have a long healthy quality of life....

How do genetics contribute to the development of depression?

A recent study examined the effects of genes, specifically polygenic in nature, on the development of depression, as well as its severity and age...

Are pregnancy hormones affected by genetics or the environment?

A study published in Maternal and Child Health Journal examined the major factors affecting the level of pregnancy hormones in a large and diverse...

Genetics determine if vitamin E is protective in cancer

New research from Brigham and Women’s Hospital in the United States explores how genetics impacts the effects of vitamin E in cancer. Nearly half (48%)...

Can we use epigenetics to test for cervical cancer?

A study in Canada in collaboration with scientists from the United Kingdom tested the accuracy of a cervical cancer test based on epigenetics.   Infection with...

Do genetics play a role in alcohol dependence disorder?

A recent study found the gene most strongly associated with alcohol dependence, as well as other genetic influences and relations. Abusing alcohol is one of...

How does genetics influence your coffee consumption?

A new study analyzed genetic variants associated with the perception of bitter substances to evaluate tea, alcohol, and coffee consumption. For most people, starting the...

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