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Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Symptoms of Heart Failure

Globally, approximately 64.3 million people living with heart failure which is why understanding the symptoms of heart failure and their relationship with mitochondrial dysfunction...

Improving survival rates with combined treatment for heart failure

A large research study shows a significantly lower risk of death and improved quality of life when combining heart failure treatments. It is estimated that...

Is home health care after heart failure beneficial?

Home health care after heart failure found to be associated with lower risk of mortality and readmission to hospital. Heart failure occurs when the heart...

Case report finds severe heart failure triggered by energy drink abuse

Researchers present the cardiotoxic consequences associated with energy drink abuse in a 26-year-old patient. Energy drinks are widely used to enhance mental and physical performance,...

Researchers develop toilet seat that detects congestive heart failure  

Researchers have developed a toilet seat that can detect congestive heart failure. It could be available in homes very soon.   Over a million new cases...

Why does vegetable oil increase the risk of heart failure?

Certain diets are associated with a higher risk of heart failure. A new study seeks to understand why this relationship exists.   We frequently hear that...

How does drinking alcohol with heart failure affect life expectancy?

Is it safe to have a drink after a diagnosis of heart failure? Researchers recently investigated the relationship between alcohol and heart failure in...

How does obesity in earlier adulthood affect the risk of heart failure?

In a recent study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association, researchers examined how obesity in early adulthood affects the risk of...

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