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high blood pressure in children

How common is high blood pressure in children?

A meta-analysis of almost 50 articles published over a 24-year period examined the global prevalence of high blood pressure in children. High blood pressure, also...
high blood pressure during pregnancy

New guidelines improve detection of high blood pressure during pregnancy

Updated guidelines for the detection of high blood pressure can lead to improved diagnoses of pregnancy-related high blood pressure, study finds. High blood pressure during...
unhealthy diet

Is an unhealthy diet deadlier than smoking and high blood pressure?

Researchers recently analyzed the effects of an unhealthy diet on persistent health problems, such as high blood pressure.   In 2017, 11 million deaths were caused...
prenatal DHA

Does taking prenatal DHA prevent high blood pressure in children?

Researchers investigated whether taking prenatal DHA, a fish oil fatty acid, was able to prevent high blood pressure in children. Childhood obesity is a growing...
lower high blood pressure

Does lowering high blood pressure prevent cognitive impairment with age?

According to a recent study controls to maintain a normal blood pressure does not lead to any significant improvements in the maintenance of cognitive...

Can a natural substance from spirulina lower high blood pressure?

Italian researchers have tested different compounds found in digested spirulina to find out if any of these substances can lower high blood pressure. Spirulina is...

Psoriasis and high blood pressure may increase risk of needing heart surgery

A recent study published in the Journal of Dermatology investigates the link between psoriasis and the risk of cardiovascular surgery in patients with hypertension. Psoriasis...
is high blood pressure genetic

Is high blood pressure genetic?

Using genetic data, researchers have finally answered the question: is high blood pressure genetic?   High blood pressure affects millions of people across the world and...

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