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prescription opioids and depression

Is there a connection between prescription opioids and depression?

A recent study examined the association between the use of prescription opioids, depression and anxiety disorders. In the past...
medications for opioid use disorder

Examining the differences in availability of medications for opioid use disorder

A recent study examined the differences in availability and use of medications for opioid use disorder in residential treatment facilities. Opioids are a class of...
overprescribing of opioids

Are dentists contributing to the overprescribing of opioids?

A new cross-sectional analysis explores the impact US dentists may be having on the overprescribing of opioids. The US opioid crisis has been well documented...
opioid interactions with other drugs

Reducing opioid interactions with other drugs in chronic pain management

A recent study suggests several strategies to overcome opioid interactions with other drugs in the treatment of chronic pain. A recent study published in The...
opioid addiction relapse

Is there a way to predict opioid addiction relapse?

A developing app could potentially predict opioid addiction relapse risk for people recovering from opioid addiction. Opioids are a group of drugs that are either...
opioid use and PTSD risk

Is there a link between opioid use and PTSD risk?

A mouse model revealed an important link between opioid use and PTSD: opioid dependence before a traumatic event increases the risk of developing PTSD. Opioids...

Nalfurafine: An anti-itch medication as a supplement to opioid painkillers?

A new study reveals promising potential for the use of nalfurafine, an anti-itch medication, as an add-on to opioid pain treatment. Pain is a diverse...
can cannabis replace opioids

Can cannabis replace opioids for people with opioid use disorder?

Researchers performed a systematic review of available studies to investigate whether cannabis can be used to replace opioids in patients receiving methadone maintenance therapy. Cannabis...

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