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Is there a connection between prescription opioids and depression?

A recent study examined the association between the use of prescription opioids, depression and anxiety disorders. In the past two decades the United States has...

Are dentists contributing to the overprescribing of opioids?

A new cross-sectional analysis explores the impact US dentists may be having on the overprescribing of opioids. The US opioid crisis has been well documented...

Do prescription opioids increase the risk of pneumonia in HIV patients? 

A new study in JAMA Internal Medicine accessed data from over 25000 patients to analyze the risk of community-acquired pneumonia in both non-HIV and...

Do we really need prescription opioids after surgery?

To help address the opioid crisis, surgeons in Canada decreased prescription opioids following surgery and monitored patients’ resulting levels of comfort. The opioid crisis is...

Can ketamine for pain replace opioids in emergency care?

Opioids are a mainstay in the management of acute pain, but due to their side effects, physicians are under increased pressure to be more...

Opioids show no benefit for chronic back pain, study finds

A recent study in the US evaluated whether opioid medications could improve the effectiveness of chronic back pain treatment. Back pain is a complex, serious,...

New Opioids Without Side Effects?

New opioid drugs with reduced side effects are in development.   Chronic pain is a serious and growing concern. It impacts 1/3 of Americans and severely...

Understanding How Opioids Work To Reduce Their Abuse and Misuse

There is currently an opioid epidemic in the USA, where patients are taking improper amounts of opioids, leading to dependence on the drug and...

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