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Repurposing Rucaparib As a Prostate Cancer Treatment

With 29 000 men dying annually, effective and safe drug therapy as a prostate cancer treatment is crucial.1 Thankfully, a new clinical trial shows...

Is there a prostate cancer prevention diet?

Recent research builds evidence to support a prostate cancer prevention diet. Next to skin cancer, prostate cancer is the number one killer of men every...

Significant developments in a new urine test for prostate cancer

Researchers describe the progress of a simple and non-invasive new urine test for prostate cancer that’s currently in development. Prostate cancer is one of the...

A urine test for prostate cancer that can be done at home

Scientists develop a new method for diagnosing prostate cancer - a urine test that can be done in the comfort of your own home. Prostate...

Is there an association between diet and prostate cancer risk?

Researchers conducted a comprehensive review of scientific literature investigating associations between plant- and animal-based diet and prostate cancer risk. Around one in nine Canadian men...

Few long-term prostate cancer survivors use diet and exercise to manage their cancer in an Australian population-based cohort study

A recent article published in PLOS ONE looked at whether long-term prostate cancer survivors use diet and exercise to help with their cancer and...

New biomarker used for developing a non-invasive prostate cancer test

A non-invasive prostate cancer screening test uses a unique biomarker that can be detected in urine samples of patients. Prostate cancer is the second most...

Possible link between prostate cancer and fatherhood through assisted reproduction

A Swedish study compared prostate cancer occurrence in men who needed IVF or ICSI to have children, compared with men who did not need...

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