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Targeting cancer stem cells: New anti-cancer molecules may prevent metastasis and tumour relapse

Researchers have uncovered a new class of therapeutic molecules that target the cancer stem cells responsible for metastasis and tumour relapse. Not all cancer cells...

Researchers use stem cells to promote bone healing

Researchers have developed a new technique that uses stem cells to help promote the healing of large bone defects by introducing mechanical forces to...

Can human stem cells lead to a new heart attack treatment?

Heart attacks can kill many heart muscle cells, leading to death or heart failure. A new heart attack treatment drug that can save heart...

Scientists generate human blood platelets from stem cells

In a new paper, Tozawa and colleagues describe the success of using fat-derived stem cells for the production of blood platelets. Blood platelets are vital...

New insights into cardiac stem cells could lead to heart regeneration therapies

University of Arizona researchers Churko and colleagues describe new findings of gene expression patterns in cardiac stem cells, which could be used to create...

Using neural stem cells to treat spinal cord injuries

A recent article in Nature Methods describes a protocol for differentiating embryonic stem cells into spinal cord neural stem cells and demonstrated their ability to...

Can retinal cells developed from embryonic stem cells improve vision loss?

A research group in California tested whether embryonic stem-cell-derived retinal cells and a scaffold implant could improve vision loss. Between 10-20% of the adult population...

Can stem cells help treat age-related macular degeneration?

Macular degeneration is a common cause of vision loss in older people. Doctors recently tested a new surgical technique using stem cells that may...

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