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childhood exposure to violence

Link between childhood exposure to violence and stress-related inflammation

Study identifies inflammation marker associated with abuse and domestic violence during childhood. It has been well documented within the scientific literature that childhood and adolescent...
stress and life-threatening infections

Is severe stress associated with life-threatening infections?

A recent study has been carried out in Sweden, investigating the association between severe stress and life-threatening infections. Experiencing chronic or exaggerated psychological stress can...
stress related emotional responses

How stress-related emotional responses influence your desire to eat

A new study looks at how feeding and the desire to eat is regulated by stress-related emotional responses. Eating is a behaviour that is strongly...
prenatal stress

Can prenatal stress in either parent impact a child’s adjustment?

A recent study examined the impact of prenatal stress in first-time parents on the social, emotional, and psychological development of the child. Bringing a child...
digital games and mindfulness apps

Digital games relieve work stress more effectively than mindfulness apps

A recent study compared the effectiveness of a digital game and mindfulness app on smartphones in promoting post work recovery. Workplace stress is a harmful...
how stress affects children

How stress affects children: do negative early life experiences matter?

To see how stress affects children, researchers studied the effect of negative early-life experiences on stress hormone levels and the ability to focus. Negative early-life...
comfort food

Why eating comfort food when stressed is bad for you

A recent study carried out at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research, examined the effects of eating comfort food when stressed. We are all aware...
stress and depression

Can stress and depression negatively affect heart health?

A recent study investigated whether stress and depression were associated with endothelial dysfunction in adults. Cardiovascular disease (CVD) remains the leading cause of morbidity and mortality...

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