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Do young people spend too much time playing video games?

A new poll investigates parents’ opinions on video games and the effects they might have on their children. Video gaming is a common pastime that...

Investigating the link between video games and memory

Researchers studying optimal break activities and brain responses find decreased performance associated with a task involving video games and memory. In industrialized societies,  there tends...

The Video Games Myth

Myth: Playing video games may lead to a negative impact on the brain and cognition. Truth: This can be true or false. The hippocampus is...

Can video games help with cerebral palsy?

Published in BMJ Open, researchers recently examined the therapeutic potential of Nintendo’s Wii Fit in managing cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy is a condition that impairs...

Can Video Games Improve Vision?

Playing video games in a controlled setting is currently being investigated as an alternative treatment to improve vision. A recent multinational study investigated whether...

Do Video Games Allow for Quicker Visually-Guided Responses?

A recent Canadian study published in PLoS ONE searched for a link between women playing action video games and their visuomotor-related brain activity. Recent developments...

The Negative Impact of Video Games on the Brain and Cognition

A new study on the impact of video games determines whether both the navigation strategy that players use and the genre of game they...

Video game with biofeedback for emotional regulation

Emotional dysregulation can be defined as the limited ability to initiate and regulate one’s emotional reaction and response in a manner that is consistent...

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