About Us

Medical News Bulletin is a not-for-profit online magazine committed to providing our readers with the most up-to-date and high-quality medical and research news.

It was originally founded in 2012 by Dr. Igor Wilderman, Medical Director, Pain Physician and founder of the Canadian Centre for Clinical Trials, which was the first patient recruitment centre for clinical trials in Canada.

While addressing recruitment issues, Dr Wilderman realized that one of the main problems was a lack of patient education regarding clinical trials. Internet resources were either available only to physicians or were lacking an evidence-based approach. This is how Clinical Trials Canada Magazine was born and came to light in 2012 in both print and online versions. Dr. Wilderman was the owner and Editor-in-Chief. In 2013, the magazine began reaching a global audience and merged to an online-only version. It was then renamed Clinical Trials Magazine.

In 2015, a decision was made to expand the scope of the magazine to include the latest news in clinical trials, basic medical research, medical technology, and health and fitness. The name of the magazine was again renamed to the current Medical News Bulletin.

Today, our team endeavors to make reading medical news easier for readers from all backgrounds. Every day, we sift through hundreds of original, peer-reviewed research articles and write an original report on the issues that matter to you. We aim to bridge the gap between research and the general public by writing in a way that is simple and easy to understand. By doing so, we hope that our readers will be well-informed in making health-related decisions.

You can be rest assured that we are delivering you news that come from the highest quality peer-reviewed medical journals, medical research institutions, and university research centres from around the world.

We will never try to sell any products or services nor force our readers to register for anything. We provide pure, unadulterated medical news without unnecessary interruption. As a result, Medical News Bulletin is a publication that has a rich array of high-quality content that appeals to a wide variety of readers. We hope you enjoy reading our news stories as much as we enjoy putting them together.