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Clinical Trials and Research

antiplatelet therapy

Less is More: Two antiplatelet therapy drugs are better than three after stroke

A clinical trial of stroke treatments showed that giving three antiplatelet therapy drugs had no benefit over two, and was associated with more bleeding.Recent...
stem cell clinical trials

Are stem cell clinical trials safe?

Stem cell clinical trials have the potential to treat and cure genetic and degenerative diseases. However, many recent trials have sacrificed scientific quality and...
stroke prevention

Risks outweigh benefits in trial for recurrent stroke prevention

A recent trial testing the effectiveness of rivaroxaban against aspirin in recurrent stroke prevention was terminated due to risk-benefit concerns.Ischemic strokes occur when blood...

Pre-Clinical Research

asthma relief

Is There a Therapeutic Target for Improved Asthma Relief?    

Researchers attempt to identify a therapeutic target that encourages respiratory muscle relaxation to provide asthma relief.Asthma causes respiratory problems, which can manifest as wheezing...
RNA drugs

Are RNA Drugs Safe for Long-Term Use?

Safety is an important aspect of the development of new drugs. Researchers are evaluating the safety and effectiveness of using RNA drugs to deliver...
skin cancer prevention

Novel Compounds That Tan You but Offer Skin Cancer Prevention!

 A new study has discovered a group of compounds that could give you that suntan glow without having to go out in the sun....