eyezen lenses

Eyezen lenses support near-distance focus and reduce the harmful effects of blue-violet light emitted by electronic devices


Is your digital device causing strain on your eyes? Fatigued eyes are just considered a consequence of our daily routine since many of us spend our workday in front of the computer screen and depend on our smartphones and tablets to stay connected. Essilor, a leading manufacturer of optical lenses in the United States, has recently launched their line of Eyezen vision lenses that aim to reduce the harmful effects of our digital devices on our eye health.

Eyezen lenses do not require a prescription and fit into standard eyeglass frames. They have an enhanced lower portion of the lens designed to ease eyestrain caused by close reading distances and viewing small text on handheld devices. The lenses incorporate Essilor’s LightScan technology that selectively filters up to 20% of harmful blue-violet light emitted from digital screens to protect eyes from long-term damaging effects that can lead to retina deterioration.

At this time, single vision lenses are available from your eye care professional and the appropriate lens can be selected to support the age-specific eye needs of three critical age groups: young adults (ages 20-34), pre-presbyopes (35-44) and emerging presbyopes (45-50). For those in the 45-50 years of age category, additional personalization parameters are available that take into account the type of screen most used and vision distance to the screen. Future plans for the expansion of Eyezen lenses include a frame line that will allow consumers to order a complete pair of glasses.



Eyezen Website: http://www.eyezenusa.com/the-eyezen-solution.html

Eyezen Press Release: http://www.essilor.com/en/Innovation/magazine/Pages/Eyezen-lenses.aspx






Written by Fiona Wong, PhD

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