Joke Of The Day – August 23, 2017

An old woman was rushed to the hospital following a serious tumble. There the staff placed...
medical humor smiley face

Joke Of The Day – August 22, 2017

Three guys are fishing when an angel appears. The first guy says, “I’ve suffered from back...
medical humor doctor with chart

Joke Of The Day – August 21, 2017

-Doctor, how is the patient in room 23 doing? -He is not doing well - he...
doctor thinking

Brain Teaser – August 12, 2017

Dr. Johnson and Dr. Smith both saw patients. If Dr. Smith saw one of Dr....

Brain Teaser – August 5, 2017

Carol is a married woman. Dr. Johnson’s son is her daughter’s father. What is Carol’s relationship to Dr. Johnson? Answer: Daughter-in-law

Brain Teaser – July 29, 2017

Dr. Johnson puts three coins on the table: a gold coin, a silver coin, and...

Vitamins and Supplements IQ Test

How well are you familiar with basic facts about vitamins and supplements? This quick test will...
patients with mild cognitive impairment

Aging IQ Test

How familiar are you with basic facts about aging? This quick test will help you to...

Weight Loss IQ Test

How familiar are you with basic facts about weight loss? This quick test will help you...

Alcohol Intake Calculator

Alcohol intake can have many effects on the body – negative, and even positive. Immediate...

Calorie Intake Calculator

Many individuals are constantly trying to lose weight, and oftentimes, they are unsure of where...

Blood Pressure Calculator

Blood is an extremely important fluid that is needed everywhere in the body; it is...

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Serum Uric Acid

Today In Medical History – August 23, 2017

August 23, 2017: (1) (1852) Bengali physician and philanthropist Radha Gobinda Kar...

The Fat Diet Rumour

Rumour: Eating unsaturated fats helps to manage diabetes and maintain glucose...

Medical News Quiz – February 21, 2017

Put your knowledge to the test! Can you remember last week’s most popular...