Medical Myths and Rumours

Medical Myths

Sodium Butyrate

The Liver Myth

Myth: Liver disease doesn’t occur in healthy individuals, only those who are overweight or have...

The Carbs Myth

Myth: Switching out sugar in your diet for carbs will improve cholesterol and blood pressure...
an abortion

The Abortion Myth

Myth: Aborting a fetus will cause more mental health issues than being denied an abortion. Truth:...

Medical Rumours


The Prediabetes Rumour

Rumour: Having prediabetes does not put you at risk of cardiovascular disease, like diabetes does Truth:...
dietary weight loss improves cardiometabolic risk

The Dietary Weight Loss Rumour

Rumour: Weight loss that results from a diet change can improve one’s health Truth: This is...

The Dementia Rumour

Rumour: Risk of cognitive impairment can be predicted for Alzheimer’s patients Truth: This is true....
energy restriction

The Diabetes Rumour

Rumour: Diabetes medications, although intended for treating diabetes, can impact the brain Truth: This is true....
diet impacts

The Diet Rumour

Rumour: A diet will not only impact a child’s physical development, but also their mental...

The Schizophrenia Drug Rumour

Rumour: Schizophrenia drugs can be repurposed as weight loss medications Truth: This is true. According to...