Medical Myths and Rumours

Medical Myths

flavonoid intake

The Weight Myth

Myth: Consuming foods rich in flavonoids has no impact on weight Truth: For many individuals, experiencing...
blood pressure

The Blood Pressure Myth

Myth: A blood pressure target of 120/80 mmHg is recommended for everyone. Truth: Although the...

The Glaucoma Myth

Myth: The risk of glaucoma cannot be decreased. Truth: Although glaucoma - a group of eye...

Medical Rumours

Microalgae extract

The Microalgae Rumour

Rumour: Consuming microalgae supplements are beneficial because they can help repair damaged cells Truth: This is...

The Carb Rumour

Rumour: In adults, carbohydrate-rich foods are associated with depressive symptoms. Truth: This is true. A recent...
Resting heart rate

The Resting Heart Rate Rumour

Rumour: Resting heart rate is predictive of cardiovascular disease (CVD) related mortalities only. Truth: This is...
grape seed extract

The Grape Seed Rumour

Rumour: Grape seed extract is not beneficial for vascular health Truth: This is false. According to...

The Prediabetes Rumour

Rumour: Having prediabetes does not put you at risk of cardiovascular disease, like diabetes does Truth:...
dietary weight loss improves cardiometabolic risk

The Dietary Weight Loss Rumour

Rumour: Weight loss that results from a diet change can improve one’s health Truth: This is...