Mediterranean diet is good for your brain

Another study has reported beneficial effects of a Mediterranean diet, this time in terms of brain volume.


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A study investigating the effects of a Mediterranean diet on measured brain volume and cortical thickness has been published in the journal Neurology. Researchers used MRI to measure brain structure in over 650 elderly people, without dementia. In addition, their dietary intake was assessed and scored between 0-9 for association with a Mediterranean diet. The study reported that a greater adherence to a Mediterranean diet (scored between 5 and 9), was associated with greater total brain volume, total gray matter volume, and total white matter volume, compared with lower adherence to a Mediterranean diet. Further analysis determined that a higher amount of fish consumption, and lower amount of meat consumption were associated with larger total gray matter volume.

The researchers concluded that a Mediterranean diet was associated with a reduction in brain atrophy (shrinkage), which was estimated as an equivalent of 5 years of ageing. Eating more fish and less meat appear to be key contributors to this effect.




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Written by Deborah Tallarigo, PhD

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