Newborn Tory neonatal simulator

Gaumard Scientific Company has developed a neonatal simulator named ‘Newborn Tory’ to educate healthcare professionals on simulated newborn care


Gaumard, a Miami-based company who is well known and respected for developing patient simulators for medical education, has added a new simulator to their collection called ‘Newborn Tory”. Tory is a true-to-life neonate that has been designed to simulate clinical cases for neonatal care. She is a 6-pound newborn, has life-like anatomy and physiology, and produces a full range of motions, active arm movement, heart sounds, umbilical pulses, and neonate sounds like grunting and crying.

Newborn Tory’s wide range of behaviours and anatomical characteristics make her ideal for training for APGAR evaluation, which is a test to determine the health of children immediately after birth, and for physical examination scenarios. She can also be linked to Gaumard’s ‘Victoria’ simulator to facilitate training on mother-to-newborn physiology.

One of the most interesting things about Newborn Tory is that she produces heart and breath sounds, carbon dioxide upon exhalation, and O2Sat readings that inform the healthcare team on the amount of oxygen attached to hemoglobin in the blood. These abilities allow Tory to be linked to real monitors, IVs, and used for training to mimic abnormal situations, measure neonatal cardiopulmonary responses, and simulate medical interventions. Educators can monitor the success of compressions and ventilations during resuscitation through a real-time feedback CPR device.

The Newborn Tory neonatal simulator is wireless and tetherless, and has a battery life of up to 4 hours. Her portability allows for training in transitional care scenarios from the delivery room to the nursery, operating room, or intensive care unit. Tory’s simulation programs are monitored and controlled through a Microsoft Surface tablet using UNI unified simulator control software. This software enables educators to create their own training simulations, generate and share diagnostic lab results, track events, and replay a completed simulation.



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Written by Fiona Wong, PhD



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