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Anticholinergic Drugs Cause Mental Decline, Brain Atrophy, and Dysfunction – April 19, 2016

A new American study reports that anticholinergic drugs cause mental decline and a number of other negative complications, like decreased glucose metabolism, in healthy...

FDA Proposes to Ban Powder on Surgical and Examination Gloves – April 11, 2016

The FDA is proposing to ban powder on surgical and examination gloves based on reported adverse effects and the availability of alternatives that are...

Smoking While Pregnant Causes Changes in DNA Expression of Newborns – April 5, 2016

A recent study from The American Journal of Human Genetics reports that smoking while pregnant can result in changes in the DNA of newborns. Through...
can air pollution make you fat

Can Air Pollution Make You Fat? – February 22, 2016

A recent study assessing the effects of air pollution has linked air pollution with obesity and metabolic syndrome.   While previous studies have found links between...

TytoCare System Improves Telehealth Potential – February 2, 2016

TytoCare, a tool used for remote health monitoring, represents the next step in telemedicine.   TytoCare is a new device for use in telemedicine. The hand-held...
research news

This Week in Medical News – January 29, 2016

Should Recommended Screening Age for Colorectal Cancer be Lowered? A recent study has found that a high proportion of colorectal cancer patients are below the...
sublingual immunotherapy

Promising Therapy for Dust Mite Allergy in Children – December 7, 2015

A recent study has shown that a new sublingual immunotherapy tablet for house dust mite allergy is well tolerated and safe for use in...
Lung Function in Children Image

Air Pollution and Lung Function Development in Children

A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine has assessed whether the reduction in air pollution seen over the past several decades...

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