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High BMI, Smoking, and Soda Consumption Could Accelerate Aging

lifestyle factors that affect biological aging

A recent study has reported that the abundance of several proteins found in the blood could accurately predict lifestyle factors that affect biological aging…Read More


Vitamin D Deficiency Linked to Lower Male Fertility

vitamin D deficiency linked to lower male fertility

Low vitamin D levels in male partners of couples undergoing fertility treatment affect the pregnancy success rate, according to a new study…Read More


Brain Activity Patterns Differ With the Experience of the Sublime Versus Beauty

brain activity sublime beauty

Using fMRI, scientists report distinct brain regions which are active when subjects experience stimuli of the sublime in contrast to those of beauty…Read More


Scientists Have Genetically Engineered Mosquitoes to Spread Infertility and Reduce Malaria Transmission

genetically engineered mosquitoes

Female genetically engineered mosquitoes, A. gambiae, have been developed, containing a fertility gene mutation and a gene-editing system to render their female offspring infertile…Read More


Lupuzor – Phase III Clinical Trials for the Treatment of Lupus


Lupuzor is the most promising drug candidate yet for the treatment of lupus. Lupuzor is now beginning phase III clinical testing…Read More

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