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Wearing Blue-Light Blocking Eyeglasses While Using Portable LED Devices Help Improve Sleep Quality

improve sleep qualityWearing eyewear that protect against blue light from portable light-emitting diode (LED) devices before going to bed could improve sleep quality, according to a new study…Read More



Physically Active Individuals are Less Likely to Develop Chronic Pain

chronic painResearchers have found reduction in the development of chronic pain in mice with increased levels of physical activity. The effect was found to be mediated, at least in part, by increased levels of the anti-inflammatory molecule, IL-10…Read More



Continuously Monitor a Sick Child’s Temperature with TempTraq, a 24-Hour Intelligent Thermometer

TempTraqTempTraq is a single-use, 24-hour intelligent thermometer patch that enables the user to monitor temperature in real-time…Read More


Being Obese is More Dangerous than Being Unfit

Being Obese is More Dangerous than Being UnfitA study of over 1 million Swedish men challenges the popular ‘fat but fit’ concept, demonstrating that being obese reduces the protective effect of fitness when it comes to early death…Read More


Does Having Children Increase Risk of Prostate Cancer?

risk of prostate cancerA literature meta-analysis on fatherhood status as a potential risk factor supports that childless men are less at risk of prostate cancer…Read More



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