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‘Fat Phobia’ is Still Socially Prevalent in Americans

fat phobia

A study of survey responses from over 70,000 adults in the United States reported that the social acceptance of obese family members, co-workers, and teachers is declining, despite acknowledgement that obesity is a complex disease with many contributing factors…Read More




World-First Clinical Trial for BTK Inhibitor Shows Promising Results in Treatment of Blood Cancer

BTK Inhibitor

In a world-first, researchers from the University of Leicester have reported on the results of a phase I trial of the BTK inhibitor ONO/GS-4059 in patients with relapsed Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia and Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, types of blood cancer…Read More




Increasing Antioxidants in Meat Products to Reduce Colon Cancer Risk

antioxidants in meat products

An EU-funded research project is currently underway, aiming to make sausages, patties, and other meat products healthier by increasing their antioxidant content…Read More




A Vaccine for Cholesterol

vaccine for cholesterol

Researchers have developed a vaccine to reduce cholesterol levels, with promising results in animal models…Read More







Distinctive Smell Could be Used to Detect Parkinson’s Disease Years Earlier

parkinsons smell test

New research finds that Parkinson’s disease patients have a distinctive smell on their skin, something researchers are trying to use to develop an early Parkinson’s diagnosis test…Read More





Nima – A Portable Gluten Testing Device


Eating out for people with gluten intolerance has been made simple, with the help of a gluten testing device…Read More








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