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July 26, 2017:
(1) (1854) French dermatologist Philippe Gaucher is born. He discovered Gaucher’s Disease (a lysosomal storage disease) and founded a journal on venereal disease, Annales des Maladies Vénériennes.
(2) (1875) Swiss psychiatrist and psychotherapist Carl Jung is born. He founded analytical psychology, which emphasizes the importance of the individual psyche and the personal quest for wholeness. This school of physcotherapy also focuses on children’s memory and their relationship with their parents.
(3) (1919) English scientist, environmentalist and futurist James Lovelock is born. He is known for proposing the Gaia Hypothesis, which postulates that the Earth functions as a self-regulating system, where living organisms influence global temperatures, oxygen levels, and ocean salinity.

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