top 10 medical technology advances of 2015

The most viewed medical research stories from Medical News Bulletin in January 2016.


1. Is There Really a Happiness Gene?

happiness geneScientists have found a difference in genetic expression of a specific enzyme that is involved in anxiety and neuroticism…Read More


2. Promising New Treatment for Migraines in Development

new treatment for migrainesNew research has suggested that the cause of migraine pain comes from a molecule called calcitonin gene-related peptide and drug companies are using neuroscience to develop medications to prevent them before their onset…Read More

3. Monitoring Your Blood Alcohol Concentration Level is a ‘Breeze’ with This Wireless Smartphone Breathalyzer

smartphone breathalyzerBreeze is a wireless smartphone breathalyzer linked to a smartphone app that provides on-the-go blood alcohol content information so the user can make more informed decisions…Read More


4. Is Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease Effective?

physiotherapy and occupational therapy for parkinson's diseaseThe largest trial ever conducted to date assessing the effects of rehabilitation efforts on quality of life in patients with Parkinson’s disease has published results in the Journal of the American Medical Association NeurologyRead More


5. Proton Pump Inhibitors Increase the risk of Infection by Changing the Gut Microbiota

fecal microbiotaIn a recent study published in Gut, the use of proton pump inhibitors has been shown to alter the composition of gut microbes…Read More


6. Wearing Blue-Light Blocking Eyeglasses While Using Portable LED Devices Help Improve Sleep Quality

improve sleep qualityWearing eyewear that protect against blue light from portable light-emitting diode (LED) devices before going to bed could improve sleep quality, according to a new study…Read More



7. Updated Methods and Strategies for Managing Type-2 Diabetes

type 2 diabetes managementA comprehensive management guide has been developed for clinicians in the treatment of patients with type-2 diabetes…Read More



8. Opioid Pain Killers Increase Risk of Depression, New Study Finds

opioid pain killersResearchers have reported in the journal Annals of Family Medicine on a study investigating the association between long-term use of opioid drugs and depression, with concerning results…Read More


9. Fried Vegetables Have Higher Polyphenol Levels

fried vegetables have higher polyphenol levelsNew study finds that frying vegetables in extra virgin olive oil may actually provide health benefits over boiling them…Read More



10. Both Delivery and Feeding Method Impact on the Infant Microbiome

infant microbiomeA study has found that delivery method during birth, and feeding during the early weeks of life significantly impact upon the make-up of the infant microbiome…Read More…


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