Here are the top 5 biggest news of the year for cardiovascular disease!


Association Between Sugar Intake and Coronary Event Risk

sugar intake

A Swedish research group investigated the association between sugar intake and risk of coronary events and found that a higher (>15 E%) sucrose intake compared to the lowest group (<5 E%) significantly increased the risk of coronary events … [read more]



Prediabetes May Increase Cardiovascular and Mortality Risk


A Chinese research group analyzed 53 studies and found an association between prediabetes and increased cardiovascular disease and mortality risk, even when prediabetes was defined based on lower glucose cut-off values … [read more]



High Sodium Intake is not Linked to CVD for Individuals with Normal Blood Pressure


Researchers analyzed four international prospective studies and demonstrated that the association between sodium intake and cardiovascular disease or mortality is dependent on an individual’s hypertension status … [read more]



Physical Exercise Fails to Reduce Cardiovascular Disease in Elderly Population


Recently, a group of researchers conducted the Lifestyle Independence and Interventions for Elders (LIFE) study, aimed at determining whether physical activity is an effective strategy for reducing CVD risk in an elderly population … [read more]



Effect of the Mediterranean Food Diet on CVD Risk in a Non-Mediterranean Population


Results of a recently published Biomed Central Medicine journal article has shown significant cardiovascular incidence and mortality benefits of a Mediterranean dietary regimen in a non-Mediterranean population … [read more]

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