Here are the top 5 biggest news of the year for fitness!


Complementary Health Strategies for Pain Management – Part 1

complementary health

A new systemic review study on the data of US clinical trials has revealed that complementary health approaches were found to play an important strategy in pain management instead of medications which sometimes become ineffective or causes unwanted side effects. This review on pain management was published in the Journal of Mayo Clinical Proceedings in 2016 … [read more]


Effects of Nutritional Intake on Muscle Advancement From Resistance Exercise

Resistance Exercise

A recently published study assesses the correlation between long-chain n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid supplementation and the effects of resistance exercise on muscle mass and function … [read more]




Exercise Confirmed to Substantially Reduce Incidence of Type 2 Diabetes


A new study shows relative benefits are greatest for those starting from low levels of exercise, but even active people will see benefits by further increasing their activity levels … [read more]




The Effects of Body Weight and Lifestyle Choices on Mortality

body weight and

Body Mass Index (BMI) is a common measurement of one’s health and risk of death, but BMI is not completely accurate because it is only dependent on body weight and height and does not include other lifestyle factors. Scientists found that achieving leanness through a healthy lifestyle is the best way to reduce the risk of premature death … [read more]


Severe Energy Restriction Weight Loss Program: Does it Work?

severe energy restriction

For weight loss strategies to work effectively in the long run, they should translate into weight maintenance strategies. A recently published study assesses 24-hour severe energy restriction, a weight loss method, on the basis of energy intake, appetite regulation, and metabolism … [read more]

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