In case you missed it, here are the biggest headlines of the week!


A Non-Surgical Therapy for Prostate Cancer

prostate cancer

A novel multicentric European research study revealed non-surgical vascular-targeted photodynamic therapy employed in low-risk prostate cancer kills cancer cells while preserving normal tissue and has more effective safety and efficacy than active surveillance … [read more]




Frequent Sexual Intercourse May Be Associated with Improved Memory Function

sexual intercourse

Preliminary research hypothesizes that sexual intercourse may stimulate brain cell regeneration and contribute to enhanced performance on memory tests … [read more]





Increased Zinc Intake Reduces DNA Damage

DNA damage

An American study group investigated the effects of a moderate increase in dietary zinc and found that it reduced DNA damage and increased plasma protein concentrations related to DNA repair without altering plasma zinc … [read more]




Marker for Cardiovascular Disease Linked to Resistant Starch in Diet

resistant starch

A new study aims to determine the effects of resistant starch (RS) on the levels of trimethylamine-N-oxide (TMAO), a marker for cardiovascular disease found in the blood, by observing the levels of TMAO in subjects exposed to a diet either high or low in resistant starch … [read more]



Benefits of Cocoa Flavanols on Heart Health Are Enhanced by Methylxanthines

cocoa flavanols

A new study finds cocoa flavanols and methylxanthines work synergistically to enhance cardiovascular benefits … [read more]

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