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Genetic Risk of Schizophrenia May Contribute to Overall Cognitive Dysfunction

genetic risk of schizophreniaCurrent treatment strategies largely fail to ameliorate cognitive deficits associated with schizophrenia. To gain a better understanding of the genetic risk of schizophrenia, and to develop more efficient treatment strategies, researchers from Norway looked for the genetic loci associated with both schizophrenia risk and the severity of these cognitive deficits…[read more]

Genetic Testing Helps Determine Cause of Epilepsy in the Very Young

genetic testingA study published in JAMA Pediatrics supports the use of genetic testing, especially with DNA sequencing, as the first-line diagnostic method for children under 3 years of age presenting with seizures…[read more]



Which Genes are Essential for Cancer Immunotherapy?

cancer immunotherapyCancer cells are known to often contain genetic mutations. However, other non-cancerous cells within the body may also contain mutations which can either hinder or boost the response to immunotherapy. Until recently, the identity of the essential genes in cancer cells affecting the body’s response to cancer immunotherapy was unknown…[read more]

Immunologic Component of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

chronic fatigue syndromeMyalgic encephalomyelitis, or chronic fatigue syndrome, is a condition with unknown causation. In 2017, a group of researchers led by Jose Montoya did a study to determine if there is an immunologic component to the severity and duration of symptoms experienced by patients affected with this condition…[read more]

Reducing HIV Risk: Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis Using Anti-Retroviral Drug

pre-exposure prophylaxisPre-exposure prophylaxis using the anti-retroviral drug combination emtricitabine/tenofovir just prior to and after sexual activity can reduce the risk of HIV infection significantly in high-risk individuals…[read more]

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