In case you missed it, here are the biggest headlines of the week!


Supersets During Exercise Do Not Change Energy Expenditure

Energy expenditure

Energy expenditure during exercise can be increased greater intensity and frequency, but another variable that can be manipulated is rest times between sets. A recent study assessed how supersets, alternating exercises with little rest in between, effect energy expenditure … [read more]



Intermittent Fasting May Reduce Cognitive Impairment from Vascular Dementia

intermittent fasting

Blocked or reduced blood flow to the brain is the second-most common cause of dementia in humans.  A team of Chinese scientists used a rodent model to investigate whether intermittent fasting (IF) could help protect against cognitive impairment from vascular dementia … [read more]



Fast-food Restaurant Location is Not Correlated with Obesity Prevelance


Fast-food restaurants have been implicated in promoting caloric overconsumption and unhealthy habits, leading to an increased prevalence of obesity. A new study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that per capita densities of fast-food restaurants and full-service restaurants do not correlate to obesity rates in the United States … [read more]



Injectable Antipsychotics Are the Best Choice for Schizophrenia

injectable antipsychotics

Researchers conducted an observational study to determine the effectiveness of various antipsychotic treatment strategies for schizophrenia. They found that injectable antipsychotics and clozapine were the most effective treatments … [read more]




No Association Found Between Incretin Based Drugs and Mortality in Diabetics

Incretin Based Drugs

A recent systematic review and meta-analysis revealed a lack of association between incretin based drugs and mortality in patients with type II diabetes … [read more]





Cannabidiol to Treat Dravet Syndrome


A recent study published in the New England Journal of Medicine investigates the use of cannabidiol for treating drug resistant seizures in patients with Dravet syndrome … [read more]

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