In case you missed it, here are the biggest headlines of the week!

Being Overweight Worsens Multiple Sclerosis Disease Progression

being overweight

Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease that destroys the fatty insulation of nerve cells, but many therapeutic techniques can improve quality of life for patients. Tettey and colleagues found that being overweight worsens multiple sclerosis symptoms and disability, and losing weight could slow down disease progression … [read more]



The Cost of Connectivity: Frequent Texting Linked to Neck Pain

frequent texting

A large population study examined the link between smart phone users’ frequent texting and reports of persistent upper back and neck pain … [read more]





Lysibodies: A New Weapon Against Drug Resistant Bacteria

drug resistant bacteria

There is a new hybrid-molecule against disease-causing, drug resistant bacteria engineered by the researchers at the Rockefeller University … [read more]





Early Touchscreen Use and Fine Motor Development

touchscreen use

A research group from the UK investigated how early touchscreen use affects toddler’s development and found that while it did not affect the children’s language and gross motor abilities, it lead to earlier fine motor development … [read more]




Running Is the Key to Living Longer


There is strong evidence that running provides significant health benefits and prevents chronic diseases thereby promoting longevity. A recent study examined the impact of running on various health problems and concluded that running may be the most cost-effective lifestyle medicine from public health perspective … [read more]

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